Service options

As well as Call management there are many Service options available to provide tailor-made support at a reduced rate. For example, DIS Marketing initiatives allows pupils to be refered between DIS subscribers, as well as inclusion in our Intensive Course register, and registration to and at only £12 a month.

OtherService options that are currently available include: Online booking for your website; additional Website plug-ins, (including a designer website of your own, hosted free by DIS, if you don't already have one); a huge selection of Free automated texts, including lesson reminders the day before every lesson; Pupil services; Reports and Accounts and our unique Mobile phone application.
Our Professional help includes monthly marketing webinars, Business mentoring, Legal guidance and ORDIT instructor training advice, and could normally cost you hundreds of pounds. If you decide to exclude Call management altogether, the most we will charge for all of our Service options is £90, and our online diary with live mobile access is free to use whether you choose to subscribe or not.
Sole traders who use our Full services, (i.e. Call handling and all our Service options), are guaranteed to be charged no more than £118.80 per month. Although some options may not immediately be of interest to you, the discount you get for being a Full subscriber could mean that it would be pointless trying to cherry-pick the individual services you want. Take a 30 day free trial to find out.