Sole trader/single user Multi-car driving school
FREE diary, with mobile access (Single driving instructor using the Internet to run their diary online) £0 (Unlimited useage allowed, but free diary has limited functionality. Further information below) N/a (Free diary is a stand-alone single-user option not to be used by a multi-car driving school)
Call messaging (All calls answered, but passed to you if any action is required) Between £30 and £60 per calendar month, depending on call volumes, (from £6.92 per week) From £90 per calendar month, (dependant on instructor numbers and usage)
Call handling (All calls answered and, where possible, dealt with on your behalf) Between £60 and £90 per month, depending on call volumes, (from £11.54 per week) From £120 per calendar month, (dependant on instructor numbers and usage)
Service options (Mobile applications, Web plug-ins, Text facilities, Pupil services, etc.) Between £12 and £60 per option, per calendar month, (suitable if few options are required) Price on Application dependant on instructor numbers, usage, and option combination
FULL SERVICE (Call handling plus ALL Service options, with additional benefits also included) £118.80 per calendar month , (equivalent to around £27.42 per week) From £136.80 + £12 per additional instructor per calendar month
Software-only licence (Everything dealt with by your staff using DIS software) N/A (A software licence is only appropriate for larger multi-car schools with own in-house staff) Price on Application (Minimum contract term may apply) Call for details
The prices shown above are for guidance only.
Prices shown are INCLUSIVE of VAT.
DIS reserves the right to vary its subscriptions in accordance with its fair usage policy and other factors, although written notice would be given of any proposed change to subscriptions before they were implemented.

Free Diary:

Our most basic unit is our FREE "ADI self-management diary", available to single-user self-employed driving instructors working on their own account. The Free diary includes Worksheet and Diary printout features, as well as access to our Messaging Centre, but the Free diary does not allow you to track lessons, enter products or account for payments, nor does it provide the "live" mobile-phone-access that is especially handy for updating the diary instantly whilst you're actually in-car conducting lessons. Potential subscribers might like to check out the Free diary option before registering for a 30 day trial of our Full service.

Call messaging:

If you just want someone to answer your calls, our Lite messaging service costs between £30 and £60 per calendar month, (depending on anticipated call volumes). This charge is inclusive of all texts that are used to pass messages on to you. (There is also a "lite" version of this service available for subscribers with low call volumes.)

Call handling:

Never be disturbed again during lessons or after you get home, content in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands with professional staff and cutting edge software. (There is also a "lite" version of this service available for subscribers with low call volumes.)

Service options:

A large number of sophisticated, integrated, support services are all included in our FULL SERVICE package, but they can also be supplied individually if required. For example, you could join our DIS community for just £12 a month for our Lead Generation, which will provide unlimited access for your pupils to, and your own instructor profile added to, as well as inclusion on our intensive courses register, to be offered additional work that might become available in your area.

Or you could choose a software plug-in that will quickly enable potential new pupils to check prices on your website and book online directly into available slots in your diary, or a range of additional web plug-ins, text facilities, reports and accounts, pupil services, and mobile applications, all combining to provide that professional polish that usually only the "Big boys" can afford.


Our fixed monthly fee of £118.80 covers everything for a single-user - including call handling, automated pupil-text reminders, End of Year accounts, iPhone accessibility, and so much more. There are no "hidden charges" or extra costs. Established driving schools operating 2 cars or more will usually pay a monthly fee of £136.80 plus £12 for each instructor in the school, providing each of the instructors having virtually all the benefits as a single-user, plus additional features and integration specifically designed for a multi-car operation.

ALSO INCLUDED IN OUR FULL SERVICE is free legal advice and business mentoring from our highly qualified management team, free marketing and CPD webinars from a variety of specialist providers, and instructor training advice from our highly experienced ORDIT qualified instructor trainers.

Software-only licence:

If you have an office and someone reliable to take your calls, our software-only licence allows you to use the full DIS system for yourself: diaries, databases, reports, individual instructor online offices, web interactivity, mobile phone access, etc., but excludes the facility to divert your calls to us. Price is negotiable, but a standard monthly charge will apply, plus an annual fee per additional block of instructors.


Upgrades, additions and improvements are automatically included in our fees. There is no minimum period or long term tie-in and we only require 7 days notice to terminate a subscription, except where a minimum period has been agreed as part of a Software licence or where special terms and conditions have been agreed.
A "Fair-usage" policy will apply where the call-rate handled by DIS differs unreasonably from the average call-rate of similar driving schools using the same or similar service package that is being subscribed to.
Please read our full Terms and Conditions.