Hope everyone is well and thanks again for the booking. I am still loving DIS and looking forward to latest features.

Sue E

Hi Nick just a note to say thank you for putting a new package together for me.

Julian W

Love the DIS system and am slowly getting use to all it can do, well done you have created something that is brilliant..

Sue E

Since I have used DIS my business is thriving. The professional telephone reception in my name together with the pupil progress system and receipts in the car gives the paying public confidence in (both) me and my driving tuition. This definitely translates into more business and a higher income."
I recommend the service to any ADI that is working alone or with a small school. (And the staff are friendly and do a great job too.)

Seamus M

When I first contacted you, you didn't provide the service options I wanted. Within 24 hours you had expanded your service to cover my needs. I was well impressed.

Robin D

I have found the service offered by DIS to be cost effective, very professional and it provides a good image for my business.

Philip T

A very friendly and professional service, both to my pupils and myself. I feel my pupils are in capable hands when they call my office.

Martin C

DIS staff are eager to help with any questions I have. I'm very satisfied with the way you've handled the few problems I had setting up and have found you offer a professional and friendly service and are supportive to independent schools. Since using DIS I have had very few problems with connections and I find the use of the Palm is helpful for making notes and printing receipts. And the pupils love it, especially for the confirmation of next lessons.

George W

I wouldn't mind talking to instructors who are thinking of using this system because it rocks!

Iwan W

Very good so far. Only been using for two weeks but have seen a big improvement in my time planning and record keeping.

Andy H

"The DIS system offers working instructors like me a complete professional office package, which allows me to get on with teaching my pupils in the knowledge that calls and paper work are dealt with properly.

I did manage my business without DIS but not as well and with alot more stress than with the DIS system."

Chris B

Thank you for the excellent service...

Martin B

Two pupils have independently said how much they like the End of Lesson printouts. One even said it convinced her sister, sister-in-law, [and] cousin that I was more professional, efficient [and] value for money than onother relative's instructor!

Lesley A

[i] Have not used your system for that long but you offer a good professional service and I wish I had known about it earlier (it certainly made my life easier). I will still recommend your system to anyone I meet and hope you go from strength to strength.

Many thanks for your help.

Dave P

Hope you all have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for making my business a lot easier to run over this last 6 months.

Andy A

Many thanks for your help and support. You have really made a difference.

Gemma C

"Hi Kevin
I sent this email to an instructors' association in Cornwall, I don't expect you mind.

Hi Richard,

If you and your Members received your Driving Instructors Mag this month, you may have seen a card advertising Driving Instructor Services. I have been using this service for a few months now and I am very impressed; they have changed my business for the better. I haven't told many instructors about it in this area as I want to be the only one with it (selfish I know) but if you have anyone that may be interested, check out their web site www.drivinginstructorservices.com . I highly recommend it for one man bands."

Andy A


Jim A


I have just visited the site. I think that it looks very modern and easy to navigate.

Eric K

I just wanted to say how much I approve of the new out-of-hours message you have. The new system is so much better – good work!!

Darryl H

Excellent! And can i say that some if not all of my pupils are totally blown away by the whole booking online thing, and so am I, it's superb!

Iwan W

Hi there,

Thank you, its good to (switch) to full subscription so that's fine. And thank you for booking this person in, I'm very pleased, a really positive start!

Richard P

Hi All @ DIS

Thank-you for the fantastic work you have all been doing. Looking through everyone's diary getting full. Great.

Carl M

DIS does it again, that worked fine, thanks a lot for sorting that out, Its great whenever I have mentioned something, you have pulled out the stops to sort it. Thanks again for a great service.

Andy A

It makes no strategic or economic sense for me to invest in my own call centre; I do not have the taste for managing that kind of office and I have no desire to go to such a place on a regular basis to oversee day to day proceedings; also after monitoring you and your girls, you guys are clearly very good at what you do, so I see it's best for me to stick with what I'm best at.

I'm actually very pleased that I became a paying DIS customer; I feel that DIS has added credence to the operation both in terms of a highly professional outsourced office which gives customers a BSM style experience, but the business mentoring is extremely beneficial; you have opened my mind to many different things, and with my ambition it's very essential for me to have access to someone like yourself; after only a very short time of being with DIS I'm on the verge of going from a one man band to a small school and then "the sky's the limit", as they say

Dominic D

I am very pleased that with the support of DIS I was able to gain a presence on the Internet and write the material for my own web-site. I have been impressed with the functionality of the DIS diary and web design tools.

John W

Driving Instructor Services provide a very professional service, and are helpful with technical problems. The online diary is easy to use and makes keeping records a lot easier. They are the "Bees Knees!!”

Jacqui R

I’m happy to write to you again to offer another testimonial in support of your service. The greatest compliment I can give DIS is that it generates you so much more work because the "Book Online" system just stands out from the crowd. How many driving instructors do you know that can have a new pupil booked into their diary without anyone having actually talked to a human being and you talk to the new pupil for the first time on their first lesson? It's so easy for everyone! I simply would not be an ADI without it.

Iwan W

Since our conception we have grown into a national driving school, (started with 1 car, and now almost 100 cars strong). The rapid growth has all happened within a short period of just three years and DIS have been an integrate invaluable part, allowing us to analysis such areas, (but not limited to); product suitability, product efficiency and much more, in fact the list is endless, in a personal note we have also received expert help and guidance from Nick when requested and would publicly like to thank him for his professionalism, dedication and integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend and believe that the DIS is a need rather than a want in the ever competitive demanding driving school industry.

Carl M

Hi. I’m glad to be back using your services. I foolishly believed the rhetoric and gave one of your competitors a try, thinking I might save some money, but their pricing was less than transparent and I ended up being asked to pay more for a lesser service. They do not develop their own software and were not able to make the changes and additions to their service in the way that you can. Your system is much more “user friendly” and does exactly what it says on the tin. I control my own business, and you support me in that. Just what I want! You would be surprised how few of the features that I took for granted with your system – such as the automated pupil text-reminders – simply don’t exist with them. Not quite sure why anyone uses them at all; I can only assume that they don’t know about you!

Andy H

As I'm typing this on my cell, there's a txt that DIS has just put a new booking on; that's quick :) How do you guys just magic them up? :)

Dom D

Very happy with the service. I couldn't run without you all, it is just too convenient not having to worry about answering the phone whilst on lessons, or on my day off. I see other instructors running around with Bluetooth headsets in their ears, and think: “Just glad I don't have to”. Praise where praise is due.

Lee D

Just a quick thank you for everything today! DIS is making my working days so much easier.

Steve W

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for all your hard work and making this year a great year for my business. I have received some great advice from Nick and lots of help and bookings and new customers you have booked in for me since April this year. Keep up the excellent work you are much appreciated. [Here’s to] lots more bookings and business.

Jason M

I hope this message gets to you all. I would like to say a huge thank you for being so professional and I’m so pleased I picked your company to help with my business.

Sharon H